Pro Kabaddi 2019 & Patna Pirates

Patna Pirates beats Telagu Titans in pro kabbadi 2019 league, Let’s Explore

Pro Kabbadi

Pro Kabbadi league is organized by Mashal Sports Company . pro kabbadi is ground-breaking initiative by Mashal Sports and Star India. Ever since its inception in 2014, the league has revolutionalised the sports of Kabbadi with stunning innovations.

Pro Kabbadi League is India’s biggest league in term of geographical representation and number of teams.

Patna Pirates is doing stunning performance in pro kabbadi 2019. you may be listening about Patna Pirates but know little about the team. i am to clear your facts, actually when first time i saw the profile of Patna Pirates in facebook, i have not noticed much, but in this Pro Kabbadi 2019 league has changed everything and patna Pirates is now hero for Bihar.

Game of Cricket is so deeply merge with us that we often dont value more to other games. Player of kabbadi and other indoor and outdoor games should be seen from the perspective of same lens that sees cricket player.

Now Come to Patna Pirated

Patna Pirates is a team based in patna, franchise and currently champions of the Vivo Pro Kabbadi League. Patna Pirates is owned by KVS Energy and sports limited. according to Patna Piretes official statement:

Patna Pirates believes that the spirit of the pirate is the spirit of not letting go, of using the environment to advantage, of striking when the enemy is least aware. It is named not after the criminal meaning of the word but after the Greek word ‘peirin’ which means “to attack”.

From Patna Pirates official website

Patna Pirates has huge fan base of Facebook (6.78Lac), Twitter (5.88Lac) and Instagram (1.75Lac). Patna Pirates had successful track of in season 1 & 2, although he didn’t won the championship but secure fairly nice position of 3rd and 4th respectively. now coming to success story Patna Pirates. season 3 and season 4 of pro kabbadi league has witnessed championship of Patna Pirates. In season 5 of pro kabbadi league, Patna Pirated again proof his excellence by winning championship and become first team for winning hattrik.

Pro Kabbadi 2019 Schedule

Best wishes to Patna Pirates as we are waiting for your welcome.

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