Chirand: Archaeological Site of Bihar

Today you will know a archaeological site of bihar which is not so famous but have significant importance in history. the site is located in chirand, a remote village in bihar. chirand is situated in saran district which is nearly 50 km from patna, the capitol of bihar.

you all know bihar is a state in East india, it is divided by river ganges and famous for important buddhist pilgrimage site like bodhi tree under which buddha allegedly meditated.

Chirand Excavation Site in Bihar
Chirand Excavation Site

Buddhist site in bihar is so exaggerated and extensively advertised by bihar govt that now days bihar and buddhist place has became synonym for each other. be it social media or print media wherever you get any advertisement by bihar govt, only Buddhist place appers. by promoting only bodh gaya bihar govt has drastically ignored many archaeological site and historical places. one of which is Chirand.

Chirand, History of India

Chirand is a place in Saran district of bihar and has significant importance archaeological and historical study of bihar as well as India. In Chapra-Sonpur road, Chirand Village is situated near Doriiganj has its unprecedented archaeological, historical and cultural heritage.

Chirand Excavation Site in Bihar
Chirand Excavation Site

This region was dominated by Charo Dynasty hence it was named Chirand. First of all, in 1871, Sir W. W Hunter brought light to the archaeological significance of this area. After that, between 1871- 80 Karlayl gave detailed information about Chirad. He said that there is a mosque in Chirad with the record (though we can not see that mosque). He also saw the pillars of stone near the mosque.

But first, for excavation at this site, S Altekar wrote in 1954. Excavation work started in Chirand from 1962 under the Directorate of Archeology and Museum of Bihar Government, which ran till 1980-81. After 1972, the work of excavation at the site took place in the sponsorship of the University of Patna. For many years, many antiquities (ancient art objects) are found in excavation work, which is kept in Saran Museum.

Neolithic civilization which is dated back 3000 BC is found here near bank of ganga. Primitive man was residing in Chirand and reason behind is agricultural land. antiquities found here is unique in whole India. it is said that premitive man had started farming from here and it is a matter of pride for bihar and history of bihar that agriculture first started here and spread to all over india later.

Chirand is the place where premitive man became travellar to social.

Bihar Govt and archaeological department has found artifacts of neolighic age, iron age and gupta dynasty also in Chirand.

Chirand is a place which if full of knowledge and place of historic and archaeological research and i will search of more information so that i can update you. i will write another article of this topic covering more detailed information soon.

If you have information and knowledge about this place, you may share with us, i will put in my next article.

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